Header Image Credit: Dale Bracey

From 9 to 5 yesterday at Geekdom in San Antonio, the Alamo Hackfest brought together geeks from all around to hack away on cool projects.

The goal of this Hackathon: Build something cool.

There were a ton of great teams working on projects ranging from voice controlled color changing light-bulbs to sound synthesizers on breadboards.

My 7 year old son even participated, building a drum bot with a LEGO Mindstorm kit.

Other participants used hardware, software, or a combination to pull off their hacks. Here is Maker Mark’s joystick to Scratch combo:

Geekdom was the perfect venue for a hackathon, with the right combination of creativity and wifi. Here is Michael chillin in a Herman Miller 3D printed spinner chair.

Michael’s final presentation. Spoiler, we won the “cleverness” prize of $50 for our pizza powered app:

Thanks to Ryan Tanner and Geekdom for making this happen.

Little Patch Garden - San Antonio, TX
A final shot from the Little Patch Garden across from Geekdom