Jason Straughan

Vistage Chair

With over 10 years leading companies, Jason has experienced the CEO journey and all it brings with it. From starting as a founder and growing his companies, his passion has always been to empower life change for those he works with. 

Experienced CEO, Tech Executive, and Software Engineer

From incubating companies at Geekdom in 2012 to helping grow the tech scene in San Antonio, Jason has worked with some of the brightest and best in the South Texas business community.

Jason is an accomplished entrepreneur and has helped start nine companies, led two as CEO, and invested in several ventures including:

San Antonio Business Advocate

From incubating companies at Geekdom in 2011 to helping grow the tech scene of San Antonio through his work at TechBloc, Jason has worked with some the brightest and best in the San Antonio business community.
Jason Straughan's TEDx Talk in San Antonio, Texas - 2016
Jason is a founding member and was a long-time Board of Directors and Executive Committee member. TechBloc has been crucial in activating the San Antonio tech community.
Geekdom San Antonio
Jason launched two companies and countless connections from Geekdom, San Antonio's startup hub. Jason was an early community member, officed in the original and new locations, and was a founding member of the Board of Directors.
TechStars Cloud Mentor
Mentoring startup founders and entrepreneurs via the Techstars Cloud program in San Antonio was an amazing experience that launched Jason's interest in mentoring and coaching. Working with CEOs at all levels is a passion Jason retains today.

Vistage Chair in San Antonio

Most CEOs have been highly successful, and that’s why they’re CEOs. What we’ve found is that many face unique challenges — they feel stuck in the weeds, isolated, or even unsure. We help solve those problems so that they can confidently make better decisions that deliver positive results both personally and professionally.
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High-performing teams follow high-performing leaders.

You must be willing to embrace vulnerability, focus on your growth, and be held accountable.

If you are ready to have someone ask you the hard questions no one else will, reach out. I'm ready to talk.
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Build and Lead High-Perfoming Teams

Jason knows what it takes to build and lead high-performing teams.