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An overview of private executive coaching with Jason.

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It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting or have over 100 employees, the role of CEO, president, business owner, or leader – it’s hard.

There are all sorts of challenges and everyone is an advisor.

You have to be who people need you to be when they need you. By this I mean one day you might shift from sales to having a difficult conversation, being a cheerleader, sitting in on an accounting call, and by the end of the day you might be helping an employee navigate a personal crisis. It’s a tough job and there’s no manual.

I’m Jason Straughan. I’ve guided companies from inception to multi-million dollar revenues, navigated acquisitions, and managed two companies through their entire life cycle. During this time I’ve been a husband and father, graduated two children, and fostered three more. About 2 years ago I survived a heart attack that profoundly changed my life and how I live it. I understand the life of a CEO and business owner and all of its ups and downs.

Now I’m dedicated to helping business leaders like you live better lives and be better leaders. I combine my experience with my love for teaching and coaching to help you achieve clarity, action, and meaningful results.

In the last few years, I’ve had the good fortune to spend over 1,000 hours in confidential, closed-door sessions with fellow CEOs across a variety of industries and I’ve studied under one of the top executive coaches in the United States. Now I have openings in my practice and I’m looking for business leaders like you to meet monthly with me in private one-on-one coaching sessions.

Are you ready to elevate yourself in your business? it’s time to start iterating towards that freedom, that reduced stress, and that better life that you started doing this for. I want to help you gain clear focus and achieve better results.

Here’s how we can start: it’s simple, we just set up a 15-minute Zoom call. We’ll quickly understand if it even makes sense to move forward to a longer call. We’ll each invest 15 minutes of our day, it’ll be me, not somebody else on the call. After, if we do decide to move forward, we’ll set up a 45-minute Zoom. This will be more of a qualifier, it lets me dive into your business and understand more about you and it lets you see if this is a good fit and whether or not you want to move forward by asking more questions about me.

If we still want to move forward after that second meeting we will set up a pro bono coaching session this will be a two-hour session where the first 90 minutes will be dedicated to a standard coaching environment and the last 30 minutes we’ll either move forward into a decision meeting where you’ll want to join and schedule your 2-hour recurring monthly sessions or we won’t and we’ll both move on. It gives us the opportunity to get closure right there in that third meeting.

My calendar is going to be full soon. It’s only going to be me, so once we’ve added all the spots there won’t be any openings for quite a while. You don’t pay anything until you’ve decided (and I’ve decided) it’s a good fit. This is going to close soon.

Currently, you’re missing out on the clarity a couple of hours a month can bring in helping shape some of your biggest decisions. Let’s schedule 15 minutes together if it makes sense we can set up that second call. You won’t regret it.

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