Being a business leader is life on hard-mode

You've climbed your way to the top. You earned it. It wasn't easy.
Life at the top has its unique perks and benefits - there is no doubt.

But life is already difficult and leadership can add a tremendous amount of stress.

Pressure creates earthquakes or diamonds

You have advisors. Your leadership team, board of directors, investors, employees, and customers, to name a few. There's no lack of advice or people to give it. The pressure can seem insurmountable at times.
Chief Problem Solver
You become the backstop for every hard problem in the organization. Sometimes you even end up with the easy ones.
Cheerleader and Coach
It is your job to motivate a team to action, clarify objectives, and help them achieve their outcomes. It isn't as easy as it sounds.
Personal Sacrifices
I've never met a business owner or leader who didn't have stories of sacrifices they made along the way. Running a business is not easy.

I survived being a CEO twice and having a heart attack once (all before 50!)

At 47 years old I was running a multi-million dollar business, had just purchased a division from a multi-billion dollar company, and had sold my seven-figure software development firm a few years prior. Then I had a heart attack on vacation at Disney World and a little over 12 months later the business I was running shuttered. I understand both the peaks and the valleys of the business leadership journey.

Be Helpful

I have dedicated the second round of my life to helping others. Every company I've helped create has had a core value to "Be Helpful". It's never served me wrong.

Combining my experience with my love of teaching and coaching, I now help people running and growing businesses become better versions of themselves and create better results for their businesses.

It's lonely at the top. Let me show you how I can help.

How do I help you become a better person, a better leader, and deliver better results?

I have spent over 1,000 hours in confidential, closed-door sessions with CEOs of businesses ranging from $1MM - $6BB in annual revenue.

Asking the questions no one else will ask you, helping you gain clarity on your decisions, and working with you to fill in the gaps so you can be your best is how I help. 

I'm the only person in your life who is dedicated to your success however you define it. 

The Process is Simple

You and I meet monthly for a two-hour private session. We will identify your most important issues, gain clarity on how to proceed, and create an environment of accountability. You will begin seeing results and have new tactical tools immediately after we begin working together.
Monthly 121s
Each month we will meet for a one-to-one session. This is where we work together to identify, clarify, and successfully navigate the biggest issues impeding your growth each month. Bring your big issues and let's gain clarity on action.
Personal Cell Phone
You get access to my cell phone and inbox, the same ones my wife and kids use. No fancy apps or widgets, no assistants or gatekeepers. Text, email, or call me. This is a great to access my network as needed.
Emergency Assistance
Sometimes bad things happen. In your seat you have to be a stalwart captain in the storm - everyone is looking to you for guidance. When crisis hits and there's no one else for you to talk to, I am here to help.

Schedule a complimentary consultation

The process of becoming a client is designed to help both of us understand if this a right fit and the right time for you and I to work together. I only want to work with people who I believe will benefit significantly from our relationship.
Book a 15-min Zoom Call w/ Jason

15-min Zoom Call

Let’s talk for 15 minutes on a Zoom call to quickly understand if a longer meeting makes sense.

45-min Intro Session

If we both decide to move forward, we will meet for 45 minutes to dive into your business and professional profile.

90-minute One-to-One (121)

Provided we make it this far, we will then schedule your complimentary 121 where we will begin our coaching sessions.

Decision Time

Once you have completed these steps, we should both have a clear decision on moving into a formal cadence or parting ways.

Jason Straughan headshot outdoor dark backgroud

Invest 15-minutes in your future

Let's schedule a quick Zoom call to see if a longer conversation makes sense. 

Don't Keep Missing Out

You have built the perfect machine to deliver the business and life you are living today. There is a better way - and it is yours to choose. Don't keep missing out on the clarity a couple of hours a month can make in helping shape some of your biggest decisions.

Do something about it 

Ready to gain clarity?

Schedule that 15-minute Zoom call and let's see if this seems like a good fit. If it does, we'll keep exploring.