Communication Protocols

How you can expect to communicate with Jason
Having clarity on expectations is important in building relationships, especially inside your organization. Establishing communication protocols allows us to focus our time and resources on the most important activities with a system to maintain our channels of communication. 

These are my rules for how I govern my time around communications.


For non-urgent requests or information exchanging, email is the best form of communication. However, we all know that is quite possibly the biggest drain on our time every day.

Email is a public to-do list. People email you requesting something, and you email other people requesting things in return. It is important, but can generate a lot of wasted time, especially when context-switching.

Solution: I check email often, but I only reply at the appropriate time. On any given workday, I can expect to be at inbox-0 several times throughout the day. For each email, I take one of the following actions:
  • Unsubscribe / Mark as SPAM – I love the “unsubscribe” link. It is one of my favorite things to do when checking my email. By spending a few seconds unsubscribing, I won’t have to interact with emails from this place again.
  • Archive it – I don’t delete real email, but I do get it out of my inbox for searching later. If there is no action needed now or in the future and no response is expected, it gets archived.
  • Respond – If I can answer the email in less than a minute, or do the task and reply with “Done” in under a few minutes, I’ll probably just do it then. Unless I’m on my mobile, then I may snooze it.
  • Snooze – I love to take care of emails when and where I am best prepared to answer them. By snoozing emails and placing them in front of future Jason, I can declutter my inbox and maintain focus on what matters. For example, if you email me asking for me to email you next week and let you know how our vacation was, I will snooze that email until next Tuesday at 630, when I’ll be back in front of my computer with the information necessary to reply.

Text Message

If you need a more immediate response or have an urgent request, text messaging is my preferred form of communication. Sending a brief text with the issue and your request enables me to respond promptly. The best way to attempt scheduling a same-day or next-day call with me is via text message.

Please avoid adding me to group threads and ensure all text messages remain appropriate.

Phone Call

It is easiest for me to handle phone conversations when I expect them and have blocked the time. Like many of you, my days can get very busy, and working with members who have scheduled time or need help will always be my priority. Please leave an articulate message in my voicemail so it gets transcribed accurately. My preferred method of telephone communication is text messages or prearranged phone calls.


I prefer Zoom over all other video conference tools, but will use other platforms as necessary.

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